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Brooks MT3750 Variable Area (VA) Rotameter

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The Brooks MT3750 variable area (VA) rotameter is an armoured metal tube flow meter for low flow applications.  The lay length is the same as the Sho-Rate 1350G making it a direct replacement for high temperature and/or high pressure installations.  Operating temperature can be -50 deg. C  to 204 deg. C.  The standard connection is 1/4 NPT(F) with option for up to 3/4″ threaded or Swagelok compression.  Threaded meters are rated for 1,500 PSI, while an all welded construction can handle 4,000 PSI.  The base model MT3750 is a mechanical meter with local indication requiring no power to function.  Available electronic options are 4 – 20 mA transmitter and one or  two flow switches.

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