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Brooks Instrument

Brooks Instrument is a global leader in precision fluid measurement and control technology. Brooks’ equipment is used in a wide range of industries where precise flow measurement and control are required to achieve product quality. From oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, to solar cell, fiber optic and semiconductor manufacturers, Brooks is counted on to provide instrumentation which is accurate, reliable, repeatable and durable, year after year.



Instrumentation for respiratory medical equipment:

SLA5800 w/ EtherNet/IP™

The Brooks SLA5800 series elastomer sealed thermal mass flow controllers and meters come with optional EtherNet/IP™ communication. This provides access to advanced MFC diagnostics and alarms for better control of your process. Simplified setup for Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley) DCS/PLCs .

GT1600 Series

The GT1600 series is an industrial glass tube variable area flowmeter (rotameter) for measuring liquid or gas flows. The clear borosilicate glass tube makes it easy to view the process fluid and read flow rate.

SLAMF50 & SLA5800

Biotech Option

The Brooks Instrument line of thermal mass flow meters and controllers are stable high accuracy meters and controllers that have been used in bioprocess applications for decades. To help improve production and operation of biopharmaceutical reactors / fermenters by improving process gas control, Brooks Instrument has introduced two biotech options for their SLAMF and SLA5800 series products. These two biotech options will provide you a meter or controller that comes with features such as:

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