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Brodie International

Brodie International is a manufacturer of high accuracy flow meters, control valves and accessories for the petroleum and industrial markets. Brodie products are sold worldwide, specializing in custody transfer of petroleum products at marketing terminals, pipelines, and fuel management systems.

8 inch BiRotor Plus

High accuracy, high capacity positive displacement meter that can be supplied with 6″, 8″ or 10″ flanges. Ideal for barge loading of ships and pipeline measurement.

Brodie AddPak

The Brodie AddPak additive injection block can be supplied in a 1 – 6 pack configuration. The body is machined from a single piece stainless steel block to reduce leak points. Includes basket strainer, check valve, Asco solenoid valve, high accuracy oval gear meter and your choice of elastomer material.

Asphalt / Bitumen

High viscosity and high temperature applications such as the metering and control of asphalt /bitumen are no issues for the Brodie line of positive displacement (PD) meters and the BV28 series control valve. Our meters can handle temperatures up to 450F (232C) and the BV28 control valve is rated for 400F (204C).

BV28 Power Cylinder Operated Valve

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