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BV88 Digital Control Valve

The Brodie BV88 Digital Control Valve is the ultimate solution for precise flow rate control and batch delivery of fluid products. It's precise control allows for low flow start-up, high flow rate control, low flow shutdown, and final shut-off. The BV88 also ensures maximum flowmeter accuracy by maintaining a constant flow rate, no matter the line pressure.

BV88 Digital Control Valve​

Advantages & Benefits:

Senior Dual-chamber Orifice Fittings

Our Daniel™ Senior™ Orifice Fittings are trusted worldwide, with over one million in use. They provide unparalleled measurement accuracy in accordance with AGA 3, API 14.3, and OIML 5167. We offer a complete turn-key measurement system that includes Canadian made meter runs

Measurement TypeDifferential pressure
Fluid TypeLiquid, gas
Discharge Coefficient UncertaintyIn accordance with AGA 3/API 14.3
Line Size2-in to 24-in (50-mm to 609-mm)
Max. Operating PressureANSI 2500
Process Temperature Range-20 F to +160 F (-29º C to +71º C )
Flange TypeANSI Raised Face, ANSI RTJ
Process Wetted MaterialCarbon Steel (WCB and LCC), 316/316L SST, Duplex
Trim OptionsStandard Service, Sweet Service, Sour Service, Low Temperature

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