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Newson Gale

Newson Gale manufactures static grounding systems used in hazardous area industries, keeping personnel and equipment safe from the risks associated with static electricity and its potential of igniting the atmosphere in which they are used.

Earth-Rite Multipoint II

The MULTIPOINT II can simultaneously monitor the grounding of up to 8 separate items. When a low resistance to ground of 10 ohms or less is detected it provides a visual indication for each individual item. It has 11 relay outputs, 8 for each item, 2 group relays, and 1 fault relay.

Earth-Rite RTR

The Earth-Rite RTR is a static grounding and interlock system for tank trucks. During loading and unloading applications the system performs the following checks:

When the three checks are met it provides two output contacts that can be used to automatically start and stop your process.

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