Shell Prover Overhaul 022

Prover Service

Prover Service and Water Draw CalibrationService & Repairs

Trillium Measurement and Control has been servicing, repairing, calibrating, and managing Small Volume Prover projects  since 1992.

  • Rebuild, certify and Water Draw the full range of Small Volume Provers
  • Full range of Measurement Canada Certified Test Measures
  • Maintain stock in Calgary/Markham of many critical Prover parts
  • Maintain data and volumetric history on each of our customers Provers
  • Responsible for Prover rebuilds for customers across Canada (major refineries, upgraders, marketing terminals, pipelines)
  • Trillium has the ability to perform waterdraws in remote areas, utilizing our portable test measures, test equipment, and waterdraw control kits