High-Accuracy Meter Proving
and Calibration

Available In-House and On-Site Across Canada

Trillium Measurement and Control offers In-House and On-Site Flow Meter Calibration and Repair Services

On-Site Services

Meter Proving

  • Responsible for meter proving marketing terminals throughout Canada
  • Customers include major International and Canadian Oil companies
  • Design, implementation and calibration of instruments that are used to measure the volume and absolute ethyl alcohol content (strength) of alcohol for purposes of the Excise Act, 2001 (the “Act”)
  • Maintain current meter history for each customer
  • Proving operations based out of Markham, ON and Calgary, AB
  • Fast proving times per meter utilizing Small Volume Provers
  • Minimal product use in comparison with other proving methods
  • Faster drain-down times
  • Utilize 12” & 18” Small Volume Provers, flow ranges up to 794 M3/HR (13,247 LPM)
  • Proprietary Trillium Measurement and Control Proving Reports
  • Cloud-based remote customer access to past proving reports

Prover Service and Water Draw Calibrations

  • Rebuild, certify and Water Draw the full range of Small Volume Provers
  • Full range of Measurement Canada Certified Test Measures
  • Maintain next day stock of all critical prover parts
  • Maintain data and volumetric history each prover certified
  • Responsible for prover rebuilds for customers across Canada (major refineries, upgraders, marketing terminals, pipelines)

Measurement Canada Accreditation

  • Trillium Measurement and Control is certified by Measurement Canada to perform initial inspections pursuant to the Weights and Measures Act
  • Extensive knowledge base of Custody Transfer and Measurement Canada regulated applications
  • Continuous Measurement Canada ASP training and technician development
  • Multiple trained ASP’s on staff to ensure regulatory compliance with Measurement Canada

In-House Services

Gas Calibration

At Trillium Measurement and Control we offer calibration and certification services for mass flow meters and controllers, variable area flow meters and other volumetric gas flow meters.

Our factory trained personnel are capable of re-ranging, cleaning, modifying or refurbishing most Gas Mass Flow Meters or Controllers. We carry a large inventory of Brooks parts and complete units for quick turn-around times on repairs or re-ranging, and fast deliveries of MFC’s.

Flow Ranges from below 3 SCCM to 500 SLPM using H2, Air, N2, Ar, He and others.

Liquid Calibration

Our Liquid Flow Calibration Laboratory allows us to calibrate flow meters with ranges up to 2,000LPM.

We specialize in the calibration of Water Meters used to monitor the discharge of private water in the city of Toronto and surrounding GTA.

Our lab is fully traceable to Measurement Canada using an ISO 9001:2008 QA System.

Our technicians are familiar with all flow meter technologies, and each meter returns to our customers with a detailed calibration report with meter performance curves and calibration sticker.